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Cooperheat of Africa (Pty) Ltd is an approved distributer / agent for nVent’s Raychem Heat Tracing Products and Pyrotenax Power Cables in South Africa and neighbouring Countries.  


Raychem has the most comprehensive range of Trace Heating Systems that are available on the international market today, which includes self-regulating and constant wattage trace heating cables.


As the inventors and leading supplier of self-regulating heaters, Raychem offers the most advance range of accessories compliant with all hazardous area regulations. Raychem is also backed by over 40 years of field experience, with over 500 million meters of self-regulating heating cables installed worldwide. The range of cables

can be used in the heating of vessels, hoppers, piping, valves, pumps, etc. or where any production flow problems or condensation are apparent.


For additional technical information such as product data and/or specifications, please visit the nVent’s website;  


Many different industries require reliable frost protection, process temperature maintenance and accurately controlled heating to minimise costs and deliver greater efficiencies. Cooperheat is dedicated to serving these industries encompassing oil and gas, power utilities, petrochemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, steel and many more. nVent/Raychem heating cables are ideal for heating pipes, valves, vessel, hoppers, pumps and related items.  The general applications are freeze protection and process control to maintain product viscosity

and to prevent condensate in gas or steam lines.

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Industrial Temperature Maintenance

nVent RAYCHEM electric heat tracing systems replace heat loss in a pipe anywhere throughout an industrial process. Pipe tracing is critical for temperature maintenance of stagnant fluids. The ability to maintain liquids within a specified temperature for prolonged intervals helps keep operations at the greatest productivity level. Typical applications include:

  • Fuel oil, asphalt, sulphur, waxes, hydraulics

  • Caustic soda, acids, polymers, sensitive chemicals

  • Vegetable oils, biodiesel, fat, syrup, chocolate

tank heating.jpg

Tank Heating

nVent RAYCHEM industrial tank heating solutions keep industrial liquids at the right temperature and minimize energy consumption, no matter the maintain temperature requirements. Safety, reliability and energy efficiency guaranteed. Typical tank heating applications include:

  • Freeze protection of low/medium viscosity fluids (e.g. water, ammonia)

  • Maintain temperature of medium/high viscosity fluids (e.g. oils, phenol, resins, molten salt)

  • Prevent crystallization of caustic soda

  • Prevent condensation of fly ash in conical silos

hot water maintenance.jpg

Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

nVent RAYCHEM hot water maintenance (HWAT) solutions provide a smart and simple single pipe alternative to the traditional method of hot water recirculation. HWAT technology creates a single-direction system that can more efficiently supply hot water to tenants, resulting in less energy and water waste. The system also provides energy data for personal control of energy usage and greater accuracy of energy monitoring. An HWAT system eliminates the typical hot water recirculation system problem of needing hot water return lines and associated components. HWAT solutions reduce a building’s upfront costs and free up valuable building space for other use. A self-regulating HWAT system delivers hot water to building occupants when and where they need it, enhancing comfort. The HWAT electric heat tracing system is particularly suited for use in large commercial buildings:

  • Hotels

  • Offices

  • Hospitals

flow maintenance.jpg

Flow Maintenance

Grease waste management

nVent RAYCHEM grease waste heat trace systems are designed to maintain a 43°C / 110°F fluid temperature and keep the fat, oil, grease mixture (FOG) in suspension from the kitchen to the grease interceptor. By maintaining flow in even the most demanding commercial kitchens, this system can reduce costs associated with maintenance and down-time by keeping grease flowing.


Fuel oil maintenance

A fuel line flow maintenance system is designed to maintain the fluid temperature to maintain flow. Typical applications include fuel lines that carry #2 fuel oil maintained at 4°C / 40°F, #6 fuel oil maintained at 43°C / 110°F or other fluids with viscosity that decreases sufficiently below 65°C / 150°F to enable flow.

fuel and chemical leak detection.jpg

Fuel and Chemical Leak Detection

nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek liquid leak detection systems monitor hydrocarbon fuel leaks in tank farms, pipelines and hydrant systems; aqueous chemical spill detection in semiconductor fabs and pharmaceutical plants, and strong acid leak detection in fertilizer manufacturing, mineral processing and oil refining applications. TraceTek systems not only provide early detection but also locate the leakage source with accuracy of +/- 1 meter.

Examples include:

  • Applications that involve the production, transportation, storage, refining or consumption of fuels

  • Chemicals and surfactants manufacturers – detergent & cleaning agents

  • Paint Manufacturing facilities

  • Alcohol distilleries and breweries

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Food processing plants


NVENT Pyrotenax (Fire survival power cable & accessories)

nVent PYROTENAX offers an NFPA-approved two-hour fire resistance rating and works in systems including:

  • Fire alarms and emergency lighting

  • Fire pumps

  • Emergency elevators

  • Smoke extraction and emergency ventilation fans in tunnels

  • Backup generators

  • Industrial and petrochemical plants

  • And more


nVent PYROTENAX mineral insulated cables combine dependability, versatility and performance with exceptional temperature and electrical performance. This inorganic and inherently fire resistant construction means zero smoke, zero flames, and zero fuel contribution. 


Our Application:

  • Mineral Insulated Fired Rated Wiring

water leak detection.jpg

Water Leak Detection

nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek water leak detection cables detect, locate and communicate small leaks before major problems develop. Whether it’s protecting data centers with expensive electronics or valuable artifacts in museums, our solutions are modular and tailored to your specific needs, providing reliable and dependable protection for years. Leaks can cause damage in commercial and industrial facilities such as:

  • Data centers and server rooms

  • Offices and schools

  • Museums

  • Industrial plants

  • Water Storage tanks

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